President Obama Will Answer Questions about Housing on Wednesday, August 7

President Obama is giving a speech on Tuesday about housing in Phoenix, Arizona.  The next day (Wednesday, August 7th), at 1pm (ET), President Obama will take part in a live online event, hosted in coordination with Zillow and Yahoo! focused on housing.

Homeowners, renters, and prospective buyers can submit questions for President Obama in three ways:

1) Short videos on YouTube, Instagram, or Vine (share your video using #AskObamaHousing)

2) Via Twitter, with the hash tag: #AskObamaHousing

3) On Facebook, through Zillow’s Facebook page

The recent article in the LA Times (“Wall Street firms become landlords in buy-to-rent industry” 7/31/2013) about the billions of dollars Wall Street is spending on buying up homes (often pushing out first-time home buyers who can’t compete with all cash offers) will hopefully be one of the issues discussed during this online event.

Speaking of social media, you can follow the California Reinvestment Coalition on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or visit our YourTube channel.

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