Seven Important Updates on Payday Lending in California and Nationally

Editor’s note: The CFPB, a federal agency, has proposed new rules for payday, car title, and high-cost installment lenders.

BUT, they need to hear from consumers- that means you! We have an easy-to-use page where you can weigh in- it only takes a minute and will help bring about important consumer protections with these loans. Please share a line or two in the comments box about why you care about this issue and want to see strong federal reforms.

PS: You do NOT have to be a payday, car title, or installment borrower to sign the petition.

This has been a busy summer for the payday loan industry!  We’re including seven important updates below.  While you’re here, consider signing our petition, calling on the CFPB to include STRONG consumer safeguards as it designs new rules for payday loans:  Petition to CFPB Director Richard Cordray

ACE Cash Express

How Ace Cash Express  staff were trained to encourage customers to continue renewing their payday loans. (From Ace Cash Express training manual)

1) On July 10, the CFPB announced a settlement with Ace Cash Express which has 1,600 locations nationwide and 200 in California. As part of the settlement for illegal debt collection tactics, the payday lender will pay $5 million to the CFPB, and will return $5 million to customers. One of the “smoking guns” from the settlement is a graphic from a 2011 training manual for the company. The picture spelled out how Ace Cash Express employees should encourage customers to renew their payday loans if they couldn’t afford to pay them back.(See graphic here). In other words, advocate concerns about the “payday loan debt trap” keeping people in a constant cycle of taking out new loans and paying high fees are well-founded.

Local momentum continues to build, with California cities moving policies to protect communities from the saturation of payday lenders.

2) In Fresno, the city council unanimously voted for a new ordinance that requires a new permit application and a “buffer zone” of at least a quarter mile between locations and limits areas where new stores can open.

3) Daly City adopted similar location restrictions.

4) In Victorville, the town council passed a 45 day moratorium on approving permits for money service businesses, including payday lenders, check cashers, and car title lenders.

5) Local leaders are also working on payday lending restrictions in San Mateo and Menlo Park.

6) At the federal level, House Republicans have recently attacked “Operation Choke Point” which is the DOJ’s initiative to prevent banks from enabling illegal online payday lending, among other things. Four Oaks Bank, the first settlement under Operation Choke Point, allegedly facilitated $2.4 billion in illegal transactions, and later settled with the DOJ.

7) The Protecting Consumers from Unreasonable Credit Rates Act was recently introduced in the House. The bill would extend existing protections for servicemembers, and caps interest rates at 36% for all consumers at 36% for products including payday and car title loans. The Senate version of this bill is co-sponsored by Senator Barbara Boxer.

Most promising is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s upcoming rule-making process, which has the potential to instill significant industry reforms to end the payday loan debt trap for consumers. While the CFPB cannot impose an interest rate cap, CRC and our allies are calling for the Bureau to issue the strongest proposal feasible, including a limit on the payday loan cycle, a determination of the borrower’s ability to repay the loan and a prohibition of the lender’s direct access to consumers’ bank accounts.

This is a critical moment, now is the time to push for a strong rule as it is  developed over the next several months.

Please join CRC, advocates and consumers from across the country in sending a message to the CFPB urging them to craft a strong rule to end the debt trap. Sign our petition to Director Richard Cordray and make sure the new rules end abusive practices!

Sign petition here and please share with your networks: Payday Loan Petition to Richard Cordray

Thank you for your support!

Liana Molina

Payday Campaign Organizer

California Reinvestment Coalition

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