What We Do

The California Reinvestment Coalition (CRC) has been advocating for fair and equal access to credit for all California communities since 1986. Over its 25 years, CRC has grown into the largest state community reinvestment coalition in the country with a membership of 300 nonprofit organizations working for the economic vitality of low-income communities and communities of color. Among our members are a diverse set of organizations including nonprofit housing counselors, consumer advocates, community organizers, legal service providers, affordable housing developers, small business technical assistance providers, and more.

If you also believe in fair and equal access to credit, consider making a donation to CRC- it’s fast and easy and we will NOT sell or rent your name. Click here to invest in economic justice for all Californians.

CRC undertakes a variety of strategies and tactics to create positive economic opportunities for all Californians.

Bank Meetings: CRC regularly meets with bank representatives to press for them to meet lending and financial services needs in California’s underserved communities.

Community Reinvestment Act: CRC negotiates Community Reinvestment Act agreements with banks in California to secure the delivery of responsible products and services to low income communities. CRC organizes our members to comment on bank’s CRA examinations and merger and acquisition requests.

Policy Advocacy: CRC advocates at the local, state, and federal level for policies that regulate bank practices and protect consumers from unscrupulous lending and predatory financial products and services.

Partner with Grassroots Allies: CRC supports our grassroots allies’ regional and local campaigns to increase bank accountability and bring justice to homeowners and communities.

Action Research: CRC conducts impact research to expose how big banks practices harm California’s low income communities and communities of color. We distribute our research to banks, policy makers, media, and the general public to reframe the public discourse on bank accountability and community needs.

Media Outreach: CRC members serve as expert resources for national, state, and local media outlets on California financial issues. CRC has developed relationships with reporters and media outlets in order to reach a large audience of Californians.

Shareholder Activism: CRC owns shares in a number of banking and financial corporations in order to introduce shareholder resolutions that would improve bank practices and stop predatory lending and the growth of expensive products.

Events: CRC holds three annual events in Oakland, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. The intention of these events is to bring together stakeholders in California’s financial landscape and recognize the dedication and work of community heroes.

E-newsletter: CRC produces a monthly e-newsletter to educate the public about developments and concerns about the financial landscape, and update our supporters about the organization’s work.

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